what are the health benefits of walnuts? Here are Powerful and Amazing13 health benefits of walnuts


Recent research has shown that Alpha-Linolenic Acid in nuts is capable to protect the Microglial cells from inflammation and lower the risk of heart attacks. Walnuts are densely packed wih nutrients such as healthy fats, Vitamin, Fibre and Minerals. They serve the nutrition purpose and help prevent many Baleful diseases like heart attack, Diabetes and many others. There are several types of Walnuts but the most common one is English Walnuts. A lot of research has been conducted on the type of Walnuts.

You can have a handful of walnuts. You can also make a milkshake or eat it with fruit Salad. Walnuts are enriching in many essential nutrients and plays a very vital role in maintaining our overall health. They maintain, blood pressure, high blood sugar, prevent cancer and diabetes and support  our brain function. Try to incorporate them into your diet regularly to enjoy their perks.

health benefits of walnuts

Here is the reason why Walnut is considered superfoood,know why? Read 13 Health benefits of walnuts-2024

01) Supports Brain Function:

health benefits of walnuts

It is said that Walnuts resembles a lot to the brain, that’s why it supports brain health. Many type of research have paved that walnuuts is  a very Vital for promoting and  supporting brain health. Walnuts has Polyunsaturated fats, Phenols and Vitamin E, all of these reduced oxidative damage and inflammation in your brain. Walnuts are very helpful in improving learning skills, reducing anxiety and improving memory. A recent study has shown that eating walnuts in elder adults improve better brain functioning, mental flexibility, and enhanced memory.

02) Supports Blood Fats:

There are 2 types of Blood Cholesterol in our bodies, good and bad. Bad or LDL Cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. But eating Walnuts on daily basis helps in lowering Cholesterol levels. Eating about 1.5 ounces of walnuts helps in decrease 5%  of LDL  Cholesterol and 5% Triglycerides. You will also see a  decrease of 6% in Apolipoprotein-B, which indicate how many LDL particles present in the blood.


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03) Rich in Omega -3:

Omega-3 is generally found in abundance in fishes. But another great source of this Vtal nutrients is walnuts. About 1 ounce of Walnuts has 28 grams of Omega 3. The omega-3 that we obtain from walnuts is known as Alpha-Tinoleic Acid, an essential fat that our body needs. Our body needs a moderate intake of Alpha-Linoleic Acid which is 1.6 and 1.1 grams daily. Eating walnuts everyday meet this requirement effectively. Consuming Omega 3 is also associated with reducing the risk of heart diseases.

04) Good For Reproductive Health:

Processed food and Artificial diets are known to reduced sperm function. But eating a healthy diet that includes walnut supports reproductive health and male fertility. A study has shown that eating walnuts for atleast 3 months helps males improves sperm health, motility and Vitality compared to men who didn’t eat walnuts in their diet. Eating walnuts s also very helpful in protecting sperm by reducing oxidative damage inside membranes.

05) Supports Healthy Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a very Crucial time in a women’s life. The women needs double the amount of nutrition in this phase of life. The food that helps the most in this part of life is nuts , especially walnuts. They are an excellent source of Folate and Vitamin B6. They fulfill the daily requirement of Folate during the pregnancy effectively. Folate  plays  a vital role in the production of red and white blood cells and bone marrow. So, your baby’s entire physical health depends on this  crucial nutrients.

06) Prevent Cancer:

Many super foods contributes to the prevention of cancer and one of them is walnut. Many test-tube studies have suggested that Walnuts have lessened the risk of certain cancer types like Prostate , Breast and olorectal Cancer. Walnuts are rich in Ellagitannine which are Polyphenols. They are converted into Urolithine by the healthy gut Bacterias.

The Urolithine possess anti-inflammatory properties and are also beneficial in protecting against other cancer types as well. Another notable property of Urolithine is that they have hormones, like properties which enables time to block hormones receptors insie the body. It also helps in the reductions of Cancers that are associated with hormones such as Prostate and Breast Cancers.

07) Promote Gut Health:

Our Gut health is very vital for our entire body health. There are 2 kinds of Bacteria inside our Gut, Good and Bad. The presence of  more good  gut bacteria inside the gut ensures the good health of our digestive system. A recent study has shown that healthy gut bacteria along with other Micro-Biota are Vital for a  healthy Gut. But if your gut has a higher ratio of unhealthy gut bacteria than a healthy one, your health is in danger. Because bad gut bacteria contributes to inflammation and other digestive system diseases. In this way, you are more prone to obesity cancer, and heart diseases.

Our daily diet plays  a very significant role in the production of Good gut bacteria. Hence, you are contributing to your entire health. If you eat about 43 grams of walnuts each day for 8 week, you are increasing the chances of good bacteria in your guts. These healthy gut bacteria produce butyrate which is  a fat that nourishes your gut and enhances gut health.

08)  Rich in Anti-oxidants:

Anti-oxidants abundance is what makes Walnuts superfoods. Walnuts posse a high number of anti-oxidants than other nuts. They have Vitamin E, Melatonin and Polyphenols. A study has hsown that eating walnuts enriches meals prevent oxidative damages that is caused by LDL bad Cholesterol.

09) Reduces Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure is a sign of Heart Stroke. Many studies have shown that walnuts consumption helps lower blood pressure effectively. A study was conducted among 7500 adults who were at risk of heart diseases. The individuals were treated with a mediterranean diet supplement along with 28 grams of mixed nuts daily. Half of these nuts were walnuts.

This study showed that peope who ate nuts had  a significant decreases in Diastolic blood pressure compared to people who didn’t eat nuts. So walnuts are extremely helpful in improving blood pressure.

10) Maintain An Ideal Weight:

Walnuts are rich in calories and provide more energy , thus preventing hunger and promotes weight loss. Walnuts promote the feelings of fullness. A recent study has shown that  drinking walnut smoothies for 5 days consecutive helped in reducing appetite and hunger. 

Walnuts not only help in weight loss but promoting brain health. They are known to increase the activation of a brain region that resists food temptation.

11) Lessens Inflammation:

Inflammation is very dangerous and is the reason behind many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer , heart attack and cognitive issues. Inflammation is caused by oxidaant stress. Walnuts have Polyphenols in them which are capable of fighting off oxidative stress and inflammation. The presence of a sub group of Polyphenols known as elligitannins plays a very vital role in lessening inflammation.

It is converted into a  compound called inflammation. Other important components found in walnuts are ALA Omega-3 fat, Magnesium and Arginine Amino Acid. All of  these collectively contribute to reducing inflammation.

12) Decreases the Risk of Diabetes:

Walnuts helps in preventing type 2  diabetes and lower its risk. Also, they aid in controlling weight, mainly excess weight is associated with the risk of high blood sugar and diabetes. But eating walnuts can help control blood sugar and diabetes. But Eating walnuts helps control blood sugar. 

A recent study has shown that when diabetic persons consumed 1 tablespoon of cold-pressed walnut oil for 3 months every day, they were successful in lowering fasting blood sugar. Moreover, people who consume walnuts oil have about an 8% decrease in Hemoglobin A1C.

13) Good For Heart:

Walnuts are very beneficial for heart health. Our body needs a decent amount of Good Cholesterol to make the heart happy and healthy. Walnuts are rich in monosaturated and Polyunsaturated fats along  with Omega-3. All of these are very vital for maintaining good heart health. Eat walnuts daily and make your heart healthier and stronger than before.


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