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Flax Seeds benefits


Flax seeds is known as Linseed or Alsi. When you eat them everyday, these tiny seeds are very good to add  to your diet because they have many health benefits. For centuries Flex seeds have been prized for their  Health-Protective Properties. It’s no wonder that Flex seeds were given the name Linum Usitissimum, which means ‘the most useful’. Today, Flex Seeds is found in all kinds of foods, ranging from Crackers for Waffels to Oatmeal, Flex seeds are emerging as a ‘Super Food’. To know more read the below article where we will discuss about 20 proven flax seeds benefits.

So here are we are Going to discuss one by one Amazing Flax seeds Benefits-

1) Flex Seeds are Rich In Dietary Fibre:

Just one Tablespoon of Whole Flex seeds contains 3 Grams of Fibre, which is 8-12% of the daily recommended intake for Men and Women. What’s more, Flex seeds contains two types of Dietary Fibre- Soluble(20-40%) and Insoluble (60-80%). This fibre duo gets fermented by the Bacteria in the large Bowel. This Bulks up stools and results in more regular Bowel Movement. On one hand, soluble fibre increases the consistency of the contents of your intestine and slows down your digestion rate.

This has been shown to definitely help in regulating blood sugar and lowering Cholesterol. Similarly, on the other hand, insoluble fibre allows more water to bind to the stools, which increase their bulk and result in softer stools. This is especially useful for preventing constipation and relieves symptoms for those who sufffers from irritable bowel syndrom or Diverticular Diseases.

2) Contain High quality Protein:

Flex seeds are great Source of Plant-based proteins, and there is a growing interest in Flex seeds protein and it’s health benefits. Flex seeds protein is rich in the Amino Acids such as Arginine, Aspartic Acid and Glutanic Acid. Numerous Lab and animal studies have shown that flex seed protein helped improved immune function, lowered Cholesterol, prevented Tumors and had Anti-Fungal properties. If you are considering cutting back on meat and worried that you will be too hungary, flex seeds may just be your answer.

Infact, in one recent study, 21 Adults were given as animal protein meal or plant protein meal. The Study found no differences in terms of Appetite, satiety or food intake. No fed between the two meals. The likely explaination is that both the animal and plant protein meals stimulate Hormones in the Gut to bring about the feelng of fullness which eventually results in eating less also known as early satiety.

3) Flex Seeds Are Loaded With Nutrients:

Flex seeds has been grown since the beginning of civilization and are one of the oldest crops. There are two types- brown and golder, which are equally nutritious.  A typical serving size for ground flex seeds in 1 tablespoon which is around 7 grams. Just one tablespoon provides a good amount of Protein, fibre  and Omega-3, Fatty Acids. In addition to being a Rich source of Some Vitamin and Minerals, one tablespoon of ground flex seeds contains the Following.

-37 KCAL Calories

– 2 Grams Carbs

-1.3 Grams Proteins

-1.9 Gram Fibre

-3 Grams of Fat

-1600 Mg Omega -3 Fatty Acids

-8% of the aily Recommended Vitamin B1

-Vitamin B6







Interestingly Flex Seeds health benefits are mainly attribute to the Omega-3 fatty acids, Lignans and Fibre they Contain.

4) Reduces Hot Flashes:

Although there has been limited research a small observational study showed that women had Halved their Hot Flashes occurences by consuming 4 tablespoons of Flex Seeds daily, since it also contains Estrogen. Consuming Flex Seeds may improve mood and quality of life. This investigation is supported by comparing post-Menopausal women not receiving Estrrogen Theraphy as you can see some minor Changes in your daily diet can have significant impacts on your body as affirmed by the fact that flax seeds are bursting with  Nutritional Goodness. It is a Versatile ingredient you can have it in whole or ground form or Opt for Flex Oil.

5) Contains Plenty Of Nutrients:

Flex Seeds Contains 2 Grams of Protein Per Tablespoon and serve as a Brilliant Alternative for vegetarians to obtain their Protein. A study by the Journal of  food Science and Technology showed that de-hold Flex seeds contains a high levels of protein and Low Carbohydrates, making them an excellent addition to the meal of weight conscious people. The three main end products derived from flex seeds proteins are Argonine Aspartic Acid and Glutamic acid. The trio plays an essential part in Hormones production release and normal nervous system function.

6) Decrease Hunger :

If you have the tendancy to snack between meals, to considered adding flax seeds to your beverage hunger pangs. One study found that adding ground flax fiber extract to a beverage of hunger and overall Appetite. The feelings of were likely  due to the soluble fibre content of flax digestion in the Stomach, which Triggers a host of control Appetite and provide a feelings of fullness fibre content may aid weight control by suppressing increasing feelings of fullness. This is especially Diabetic and Hypertensive Patient who are to lose weight by  controlling their Appetite naturally.

7) Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 are essential fatty acids. The good kind of fats and are considered heart friendly and Flax seeds are a rich source of them. Eating flax seeds is especially necessary if you are a vegetarian or avoid Marine products like Seafoods. A 2010 study by the Canadian Journal of Cardiology showed that greater use of Omega-3 fatty acids is an excellent nutritional theraphy that will Demonstrate Cardiovascular Benefits in the long run to incorporate  Flax seeds into your daily diet. Stir in a couple of tablespoon of ground Flax Seeds to your mea, they taste perfect with yogurt smoothies, soup or Oatmeal.

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8)  Are a Versatile Ingredient:

Flax seeds or Flax seed oil can be added to many common foods you can try the following method to make the most out of the flax seeds-

#Adding them to water and Drinking it as part of your daily Fluid Intake.

#Drizzling Flax seeds oil as dressing on Salad.

#Sprinkling ground flax seeds over your hot or cold breakfast cereals.

#Mixing them into your favorite yogurt.

#Adding them into cookies, Muffin, Bread or other Batter.

#Mixing them into smoothies to thicken up the consistency

#Incorporating them into meat Patties.

Always opt for ground flax seeds as they are easier to digest. Whole Flax seeds are not useful, because your intestine cannot break down the tough outer shell of the seed.

 9)  Prevent Constipation:

The soluble fibre in Flax seeds dissolves easily in water, softening stools and increasing gut motility. The insoluble fibre flexes  the Intestinal walls triggers contraction increases bowel  bulk and ultimately improves digestion even though both ground and whole Flax seeds are highly beneficial most Nutritional experts recommended ground over Whole Flax seeds. The ground form is easier to digest while the complete form may pass straight through your intestine providing little to be perks.

10)  Improves Blood Sugar Levels:

Recently Diabetes, primarily type 2 Diabetes has been among the top health problems worldwide but don’t worry because you can reduced your risk of Diabetes by consuming these Miracles seeds. The Insoluble fibre content of flax seeds gives it a  blood sugar lowering property. It balances digestion and hence the release of Glucose into the bloodstream one more way to consume Flax seeds is to soak them in water to soften the outer shell. This process makes it slightly easier to consume them as they can be added to whole wheat flour and  made into delicious Flat breads.

11) Improves Cholesterol:

Another health benefits of Flax seeds is their ability to lower Cholesterol levels. In one study in people with high Cholesterol, some people were given 3 tablespoon that is  30 grams of Flax seeds powder daily for 3 months. When compared to the ones who didn’t consume Flax seeds powder their total Cholesterol levels lowered by 17% and bad LDL Cholesterol levels lowered by almost 20% in another study of people with Diabetes researchers found that taking 1 tablespoon(10grams) of Flax seeds powder daily for 1 month resulted in a 12% increase in good HDL Cholesterol levels.

These effects appears to be due to the fibre in Flax seeds as it binds to Bile salts and is then excreted by the body, the replenish these bile salts, Cholesterol is pulled from your blood into your Liver. This process eventually lower your blood levels of Cholesterol. This is Definitely Good news for those who wanting to improve their Cholesterol.

12) Flax seeds are a rich source of Lignans:

Flax seeds are a rich source of Lignans, which may reduce cancer risk. Lignans are plant compounds that have anti-oxidants and Oestrogenic properties. Both of which can help lower the risk of cancer and improve health. Interestingly Flax seeds are one of the richest source of Lignans and contains up to 800 times more Lignans than other plant foods observational studies shows that those who eat Flax seeds have a lower risk of Breast cancer, Particularly in females, Beyond 50 or those who post Menopausal,

Additionally according to a canadian study involving more than 6000 women, those who eat Flax seeds are 18% less likely to develop Breast cancer. However, men can also benefits from eating Flax seeds. In a small study, men who were given 30 grams of flax seeds a day while following a lot fat diet showed reduced levels of  a prostate cancer marker, suggesting a lower risk of prostate.

13) Ease Arthritis:

Research shows that food containing omega-3 fay acids can help arthritis symptoms by reducing inflammation. There are over the counter capsules of Flax Seeds oil rich in ALA even though they are beneficial for Arthritis patiient. There is nothing like consuming organic Flax seeds with your day to day meals, use them like breadcrumbs  or bake them with Granola bars and you will never go back.

14) Reduces Radiation Impact:

A study published in the Journal Cancer Biology and Theraphy showed that dietary Flax seeds might be clinically beneficial as an agent to increases the Therapeutic index by increasing the radiation tolerance of lungs tissues. This analysis has been an exciting find to discover a cheap safe supplement for those affected by unwanted  radiation rays.

15) Control Inflammation:

Flax seeds oil is intensely favorable to help those who experience pain, because of the inflammation just 1 tablespoon consists of more than 70 daily value of the inflammation reducing omega-3 Fatty acids, these have been incidences of  skin smoothness and hydration with more regular flax seed oil use while skin sensitivity has remarkably reduced. Flax seed oil is extracted by cold pressing and is best kept in a dark glass bottle it is sensitive to heart and light , so Flax seed oil is unsuitable for cooking.

16) Improved Digestion:

Consuming Flax seed daily is improved digestion, because Flax seeds are rich in dietary fibre especially soluble fibres. Soluble fibres helps to soften the stools making it easier to pass. Eating Flax seeds daily promotes regular bowel movements, relieving constipation and giving you healthy digestive system.

17)  May Lower Blood Pressure:

Studies on Flax Seeds have also foused on it’s natural ability to lower Blood Pressure. A  Canadian study found , eating 30 grams of Flax Seeds daily for 6 months lowered Systolic and Distolic blood pressure by 10MMHG and 7MMHG, respectively for those  who were already taking blood pressure medication, Flax seeds lowered blood pressure. Even further, it was seen that regular Flax seeds consumption decreases the number of Patients with ncontrolled high blood pressure levels by more than 17% furthermore.

According to a large review that looked at Data from 11 studies, taking Flax seeds daily for more than 3 months lowered blood pressure by 2 MMHG. You may feel that this 2mm HG fall is insignificant. But, A2 MMHG reduction blood pressure can lower the risk of dying from stroken by 10% and from heart disease by more tan 7%.

18) Helps in Weight Managment:

The Flax seeds drink is loved by many for its potential to lose weight. It works the best on an empty stomach, so consume it right after waking up. Boil a glass of water with a tablespoon of ground Flax seeds for a few minutes squeeze in some lemon Juice and a pinch of Cinammon for a delectable zesty taste. Flax seeds are fire rich, so they can keep you fall for longer and supress any craving for unhealthy food, thiis features triggers the Hormones that control appetite by keeping hunger at bay and thus helps you in the weight loss journey.

19)  Anti-cancer Properties:

Flax Seeds are the richest known source of Lignans 9-30 Milligrams per gram. These plant compounds have anti-oxidant and Estrogen properties both of these properties remarkably reduce the risk of cancer and improves health post -Menopausal women in particular have greatly benefited from eating Flax Seeds. Since observational studies have shown that, it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Due to the Estrogen content Flax Seeds have also helped men since Lignans possess an anti-tumor for Hormones-sensitive Cancers.

20) Improve Heart Health:

Another hidden power of Flax Seeds is their ability to control cholesterol levels. A biomakers of heart diseases. A group of Diabetic patients consumed one tablespoon of Flax seeds daily for3 month, the result was an increase in HDL good cholesterol and a reduction in LDL bad Cholesterol. Flax seeds have also proven to lower stroke risk, it is due to their ability to produce plant-based ALA Fatty acid as an end product.

Research by the Canadian publishing showed that dietary Flax seeds has a Cardio Protective effect by improving Vascular relaxation responses. Furthermore the Omega-3 and Flax seeds also contributes to the anti-artherogenic, results via anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory effects.

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