18 benefits of eating banana everyday -what exactly happens to your body-2024

benefit of eating banana everyday


The world’s most appealing and demanding fruit is banana. Not only is it easily available but it provides a Myriad of benefits of eating banana everyday. A great deal of benefits is related to this delightful fruit. They are rich in Potassium pectin, and other essential Micronutrients. This magnificent fruit is famous for lessening swelling, help in weight loss, give strength to the nervous system, and production of white blood cells.

Bananas are fantastic option for anyone who wants to eat healthy despite being native to southeast Asia. They are widely available since they grow anywhere there are warm temprature. The entire globe enjoys bananas and almost everyone concerned about their health, includes them in their diet. That’s because the golden curved fruit has numerous health benefits also bananas includes high fiber and Potassium content which both assist in hydration.

Bananas are classified as a  member of the Musasa family of flowering tropical plant which is known for it’s unusually clumped banana fruit at the top of the plant. The Americam medical association recommended bananas as a healthy diet for kids and a therapy for Celiac disease in the early 20th century.

Bananas are nutrient dense and may even have the distinction of being the first superfood, numerous bio-active substances found in bananas inclusing Phenolics Carotenoids, Biogenic Amines and Phytosterols are desirable in the diet, because of their beneficial impact on the human health and well-being of numerous of these substances have anti-oxidant properties and work well to defend the body from various oxidative stressors. Humans once used bananas successfully to lowering the risk of many chronic degenerative ailments.Read full article -benefit of eating banana everyday

Bananas are usually a part of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables that is balanced. Bananas often known as the fruit with the yellow skin that ages on your kitchen counter until its way too brown are a contentious  fruits for many people steer clear of them since bananas naturally contains more sugar and carbs than most other fruits, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them entirely.

 benefits of eating banana everyday

What you should know before eating a banana everyday. So here are 18 benefits of eating banana everyday-2024

01) Improves Kidney Health:

 benefits of eating banana everyday

The Potassium in bananas has tremendous health benefits including Kidney health. Studies have shown that women who ate 2-3 bananas every week have 33% fewer  chances of developing kidney stones. Eat bananas to have a healthy, stone free kidney.

02) Plenty of Nutrients:

Bananas comes packed with anti-oxidants and a  decent quantity of fiber. The total calories in one regularized bananas are naturally low about 125g. The calories distribution is broken down as follows:

-0g of Fats

-1g of protein

-30g of Carbs

-3g Fiber

-12% of the daily value of Vitamin C

-7% of the daily value for Riboflavin

-6% of the daily value for Folate

-11% of copper of the daily value

-10% Potassium

-8% Magnesium

-5% of the daily value of Niacin

They don’t contain any fat or much protein and nearly all of the 2 calories in the banana come from water and Carbohydrates. Bananas also contains a lot of fiber and anti-oxidants and are a great source of protein. Green unrip bananas includes primarily Carbohydrates and resistant starch an undigestable fiber fruit’s flavor gets sweeter and it’s fiber content decreases as it ripens.

03) Improves Vision:

 benefits of eating banana everyday

Next time when someone tries to tell you to eat Carrots for improved vision, tell them it’s time for a change. Banana has been a game-changer when it comes to improving vision. This fruits is enriched with an enormous amount of Vitamin A which is very helpful in protecting our vision. This Vital Vitamin has compound that preserve the membranes around the eyes. They are also an element of the protein which helps in bringing light to the Corneas. Bananas also prevent Muscular degeneration which is an incurable condition that blurs vision.

04) Aids Post-workout Recovery:

 benefits of eating banana everyday

Bananas are  a fantastic source of nutrition, before, during and after physical activity. It’s been stated that bananas are the optimal food for Athlets, this is mostly because they include easily digestile Carbohydrates and the Electrolyte functioning Minerals, Potassium and Magnesium. During intense exercise your sweat contains Electrolytes that you lose. You may lessen exercise related Muscular cramps in and soreness by replenishing your body with Potassium and Magnessium.

05) Promote Satiety:

Bananas promotes the feelings of fullness. Hence makes you less hungry and helps in weight loss. This is because bananas are rich in resistant starch which is an indigestible carb and has the same function as the soluble fiber in the body. The greener banana have a higher proportion of this starch. While the yellow, ripped bananas have less content of resistant starch and total fiber. But they do have a great amount of soluble fiber. Scientifically both Pectin and resistant strach have satiety effects and promotes the fullness feeling after meals.

06) Include it in your Diet as a complete food:

 benefits of eating banana everyday

Not only are bananas wonderfully healthy but they’re also one of the most practical snack foods available. Bananas are  a more filling snack than other foods like processed or sugary box snacks, because they’re low in calories and high in fiber. They’re an excellent topping for whole grain toast with peanut butter and yogurt, cereal and smoothies even better you can substitute them for sugar when baking and cooking bananas are also quite simple to transport and eat.

They typically digest smoothly and are well tolerated all you have to do in all the bananas is a common fruit with numerous possible heath advant ages, because of their fiber and anti-oxidants content may improve your digestion and heart health. They are nutrient rich and low in Calories.

07) Maintain Blood Glucose levels:

Soluble fiber is abundant in bananas. Soluble fiber creates a gel by dissoling in fluids during digestion, it’s the cause of the sponge-like feel of bananas together soluble and indigestible fiber may reduce blood sugar levels following a meal and they could suppress appetite by delaying stomach emptying. This indicates that despite having more carbs than other fruits, bananas won’t significantly raise your blood sugar levels in healthy people, although people with diabetes can eat bananas it’s not advisible to eat a lot of them at once. Bananas can improve your mood.

Bananas contains the Amino acids Tryphen which the body turns into the feel good Neurotransmitter Serotonin, this molecules in the brain is believed to promote relaxation, boost moodm reduce anxiety, and make people overall happier. However it is challenging to increase blood levels of Tryptophan through diet alone although animal studies reveal a possible link between a banana diet and anxiety and depression disease, this is likely due to bananas anti-oxidants content rather than the tryphen concentration.


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08) Rich in Anti-oxidants:

Anti-oxidants are very important for our bodies. They nor only remove the free radicals that are baleful for our health. But the most important ones are Dopamine and Catechins. These compounds reduce the chances of heart diseases and other degenerative ilnesses. There is some misunderstanding about the Dopamine anti-oxidant in bananas. Many people considered it as the happy Hormone or Chemical in out brain. While in reality, this Dopamine doesn’t cross the blood-brain hence. Rather it is simply a strong and effective anti-oxidants that eradicate illness and other diseases.

09) Healthy Pregnancy:

The Potassium in a bananas is a superstar. It provides a Plethora of benefits to expecting women.Studies have shown that women who ate Potassium before conception of have a high levels of Potassium gave birth to the Boys as compared to the women who don’t. Another function of the bananas is to prevent Gestational Diabetes. Gestational diabetes is an issue that many pregnant  women suffer from. Generally, it is due to a lack of sleep. Thanks to the Tryptophan and Magnesium which makes sure the expecting women take a good night’s sleep.

10) Improves Digestion:

Bananas plays a huge role in improving digestion. A normal sized banana has about 3gm of fiber which makes it a good fiber source. The reason why bananas promotes digestive health is the  presence of 2 important fiber that is Pectin and Resistant Starch. Pectin Lowers as the banana ripped and resistant starch are generally present in unripped bananas. The function of resistant strach is to excape the digestion process and ending up in the large intestine.

In the large intestine, it converts into food for the good gut Bacteria, while pectin also plays a role in protection against Colon Cancer. Let’s talk about the role of bananas in weight loss.

There is no scientific data present on the banana role in weight loss. However this fruit does not have some qualities that makes it weight loss friendly. They have low calories. An average banana has about 100 calories or more even then it is very filling and healthier. Unripped bananas are filled with starch that’s why they are very substantial and reduced hunger.

11) Prevent Growth of Cancer:

Laboratory research on cancer states Lectin, a protein found in bananas may aid in halting the growth of  Leukemia cells a buildup of too many free radicals may cause cell damage and eventually cancer. Free radicals are molecules that are removed from the body by anti-oxidant scientist discover that younsters who drank orange juce, ate bananas or both appeared to have a decreased risk of Leukemia. The stud’s author stated that the presence of Vitamin C could cause this because this too has anti-oxidants properties.

12) Supports weight Loss:

The direct impact of Bananas on weight loss has been investigated however a few qualites in the well-known fruit could help with weight loss first off there aren’t many calories in banana. Although a banana typically has more than 1000 calories its nourishing and filling Numerous studies have connected eating more fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables to reducing body weight and weight loss. Unique bananas are also loaded with resist resistant starch. If you want to eat unripped bananas try preparing them the same way, you would plantain.

13) Fight Depression:

A lot of people in the surrounding suffers from Depression. Sometimes its us or our loved ones. Here is when Bananas come to rescue. They know the to lessen the depression and it’s symptoms effectively due to the presence of Tryptophan. Our body converts the Tryptophan into Serotonin, which is a mood-enhancing Neurotransmitter in our brain. Also, the Magnesium and Vitamin B6 in Bananas helps us sleep better and provide relaxation to our tired muscles.Moreover, the Tryptophan in Bananas is reputed for it’s sleep-inducing characteristics.

14) Strengthen the Bones:

Banana might not be abundant in Calcium but even then they are known to keep the bones strong. Studies have suggested that bananas are rich in a compound named Fructooligosaccharides. These compounds are non-digestive carbs that promotess the Probiotic that are easily digestible and thus increase the body’s ability to absorb the present Calcium.

15) Easy to add to diet:

Bananas is tremendously healthy and easy to ad to your diet. You can even snack on this fruit. If you are  quitting on sugar you can replace bananas with them. It satisfies the sweet tooth incredibly. You also add it in yogurt, morning cereals and in smoothies as well. Another plus about bananas is that they don’t have any pesticides on them. This is due to their thick and protective peel.

16) Cancer Prevention:

Some scientist believe that a modest intake of bananas protect our bodies against Kidney Cancer. Studies have suggested that women who eat more bananas and other fruits have fewer chnaces of developing Kidney cancer, than those who didn’t. The anti-cancer property of bananas is due to the anti-oxidant Phenolic compounds. So eat bananas daily and enjoy and reduce the risk of developing Kidney Cancer.

17)  Best For Athletic Performance:

You might have noticed that Athlets prefer eating bananas or banana smoothies. This is because of the minerals content and digested carbs in them. It also helps in reducing the muscles cramps which athlets face due to exercise. Nobody has figured out the actual reason behind cramps but generally it is said that it is due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Studies have shown that bananas provide Nutritious before and  during strength exercise.

18) Encourage Heart Health:

The mineral rich Potassium content in bananas is essential for maintaining heart health particularly for controllng blood  despite its significance. Medium sized bananas 126 grams provides 10% of Potassium’s daily value. You can lower your blood pressure by eating a diet high in Potassium. Additionally bananas have 8% of the daily value for Magnesium another elements crucial for heart health.

A lack of Magnesium may increase the risk of heart disease, raise blood pressure and increase fat blood levels you must consume enough of the minerals through food or supplements.

People prefer eating high fiber foods as they are good at preventing heart attack. Bananas are filled with Potassium, an essential macro-nutrient. It is an electrolyte that keeps the flow of electricity all over the body. This electri charge keeps our heart beating. The high Potassium and low soda content in bananas protect the Cardiovascular system against  high blood pressure.

Researchers have suggested that Potassium in Bananas plays a very significant role in maintaining Arterial health. Higher Potassium content means less hardening of the Arteris. A medium sized bananas has about 118mg of Potassium, moreover bananas have a  decent amoount of Magnesium as well as which are also good for heart health.

19) Insulin Resistance:

One of the most prevalent disease across the world is type 2 diabetes. Children, adults and elders almost everyone has beome a victim of it. Studies have shown that consuming about 30 gm of Starch each day will improve insulin sensitivity by 50%. You know where to get your starch from right? Bananas especially the unripped ones are an excellent source of resistance starch. And the plus is that they improve the insulin resistance. Scientist believe that more study is needed on the bananas function in improving insulin resistance.


Bananas are nutrient dense and may even have the distinction of being the first superfood, numerous bio-active substances found in bananas inclusing Phenolics Carotenoids, Biogenic Amines and Phytosterols are desirable in the diet, because of their beneficial impact on the human health and well-being of numerous of these substances have anti-oxidant properties and work well to defend the body from various oxidative stressors. Humans once used bananas successfully to lowering the risk of many chronic degenerative ailments.Read full article -benefit of eating banana everyday

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