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Tomatoes are the world’s most consumed vegetables. Due to the plentiful benefits they provide even then many of us are taken for granted despite having a high nutritional profile. These Petite energy balls are low in calories and Carbs but stuff with as many nutrients as you can think. Tomatoes offers a broad range of health benefits Botanically speaking tomato is a fruit but its nutritional profile has made it Categorized among the vegetables, they come in various ranges of colors like yellow, Green, purple and red. Sub-species of the incredible fruit disguised as veggies also exists in different shapes and flavors. There are many pluses that this nutritious vegetables provides.

One can safely say that tomatoes is the backbone of numerous dishes across the world. Tomatoes are everywhere, sauces, gravies, pizzas, juices. Tomatoes are a staple and besides adding flavors to dishes, they’re packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate and many others. This nutrients dense superfood has a lot to offer.

Health Benefits of Tomato

How Tomatoes can boost your health? Know more by reading the 22 incredible health benefits of tomato

01) Improves Vision:

Tomatoes will keep the eyesight glasses at bay throughout your life. Lycopene lower the risk of developing  age-related macular degeneration which otherwise result in weak eyesight . Lycopene combats free radicals which could affect the eyes otherwise, the other two essential nutrients and tomatoes are Lutin and Beta-Carotene, which supports nutrition as well as Vitamin C and Copper are otherwise beneficial nutrients in tomatoes. Vitamin C fight the age related Cascades while Copper produces Melanin , a rich black pigments in the eyes.

02)Lessen the risk of Gallstone:

Tomatoes works as a magical wand in removing kidney and Gall stones as well. If you have Gallstone or kidney stones, add tomatoes in your diet to eliminate these baleful stone from your body.

03) Reduces Inflammation:

Tomatoes are blessed with three vital anti-oxidants like Zeta Carotene, Phytoene, and Phytofluence. These 3 anti-oxidants are generally present in bright -colored vegetables. They help in battling against inflammation and diseases associated with it. Drinking tomato juice reduces inflammation, because of the presence of Lycopene in it. Lycopene has anti-inflammatory properties. Some Authentic studies have suggested that Tomtoes contain Apolycopenoids and other Bioactive components that works beyond protection that Lycopene in combating inflammation.

04) Stronger Hair:

Nothing refuels confidence more than a head full of voluminous hair. Tomatoes are packed with Numerous Vitamins and minerals. They work wonders for your skin, and their nutrients goodness is a blessing in disguise for healthy hair. Rich in Vitamin A,B,C and E which are known as excellent stimulants for healthy hair hairfall. Tomatoes haveVitamin A that stops it. They even help retain the natural shine of the hair while also treating  dandruff and scalp odour.

Did you know that during the 1800s, tomatoes were considered to be poisonous because they were a part of the Nightshades family. How the tables have turned. Not only are they super versatile they have a variety of health benefits.

05) Protects Heart:

The most common reason of death across the globe is a heart attack. Intentioanlly or sometimes unintentionally we tend to eat food with terrible Cholesterol and eventually put our heart health at risk. Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene which is a plant compounds a low concentration of Lycopene in the blood is responsible for heart stroke. Also lycopene lowers the harmful Cholesterol levels in the blood. Tomatoes are high in Beta-Carotene and flavonoids. Both protects the heart and reduce Platelets aggression. Lastly consume Lycopene with a little fat becauuse it is fat soluble.

When it comes to nutrients the one that stands out the most is Lycopene which is present in tomato. Tomato products or lycopene supplements. This anti-oxidants keeps the heart protected by managing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol by getting rid of bad cholesterol. Even the inner layer of blood vessels are protected, which decreases the risk of blood clotting.

06) Better Vision:

Move over Carrot, it’s time for tomatoes to shine. When it comes to food that is great for vision, tomatoes are often overlooked. Lycopene and beta-carotene are two important elements in tomatoes that are present in abundance and are great for your vision. As if you needed another reason to eat lycopene rich food, it’s shows to lower the risk of developing age related macular degeneration and even Cataracts. When picking up tomatoes, add eggs and leafy green to the cart, because both these contains two other eye healthy Carotenoids.

07) Maintain Stronger Bones:

Stronger bones are what we are all yearn for. Studies have shown that drinking two glasses of tomato juice makes bones stronger and reduces Osteoporosis. They also have Beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A when ingestied. Vitamin A plays a vital role in bone growth an development. The vitamin C in tomatoes is crucial for bone formation and connective tissues synthesis. Vitamin C deficiency will otherwise cause underdeveloped bones. Lutin in tomatoes enhances collagen formation that helps in boosting bone health. The presence of essential Vitamins like Vitamin K and D3 promotes Bone Metabolism and increases bone minerals density, which reduces bone fractures.

This may come as a surprise because normally tomato is not the first food that comes to mind when you think og strengthening the bones. Being a powerhouse of Vitamins and minerals, tomatoes are hugely underrated. They are packed with all the beneficial nutrints like calcium and Vitamin K,  of the most vital elements for bone health. They not only makes bone stronger but also perform minor repair on the bones and tissues, while also adding on bone mass. Daily include tomatoes in your meal as much as you can.

08) Repair Damage Caused by smoking:

Actively making dietary changes and engaging in physical activity should be the first thing on your diet. A regular rich diet in tomatoes slows the decline of lungs function among ex smokers. Eating them over a long period of time restores the lungs to better condition by undoing the damage caused by Cigarette smoke.

09) Good for Gut:

When you think about food for the Gut, Tomatoes may not come in mind. But tomatoes are the dark horse when it comes  to improving gut health. A healthy gut is crucial for maintaining strong immunity and overall health. Tomatoes don’t just promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut, they also help to get rid of the bad bacteria. This is due to the presence of anti-0xidants and pre-biotic. The pre-biotic effects of tomatoes are suprisingly powerful and have a  positive effects on the Gut.

10) Helps in Managing Diabetes:

Fruits and vegetables are the best way to manage diabetes and reduce complication. The more fiber in your diet the better it will manage blood gluose levels. If you suffer from regular blood sugar spikes than tomato can be just the thing. Eating them regularly lowers inflammations and oxidative stress, some major triggers for Diabetes. Eating a Caprese salad at launch every now and then won’t immediately lower your Glucose levels, However one a long term basis would offer long term benefits.

The importance of Tomatoes in managing Diabetes can’t be emphasised enough. If you or your loved ones have been suffering through diabetes, add tomatoes in your meal plans. Tomatoes lowers the oxidative stress inflammation that is caused by diabetes. They are right Vitamin E, C and Iron  provides, which helps relieve diabetic symptoms. Diabetes enhances the risk of a heart attacks, this is where tomatoes come to rescue. They reduced lipid Peroxidation and lower heart stroke risk.


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11) Provide Variety of Nutrients:

The ratio of Carbs and fiber in a small raw tomatoes is about 3.9 and 1.2 gram. Fiber is mostly in the insoluble forms and exists as cellulose or Lignin Vitamins and minerals are present abundant;y in tomatoes. You can get your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C from tomatoes, Vitamin K plays a crucial part in blood clotting and promotes bone health. Tomatoes also have sufficient amount of vitamin B9 that enables cell growth and functioning these essential nutrients are also enriched in Lycopene. Beta-carotene narrowing it in and Chlorogenic acids.

12) Beneficial for pregnant Women:

You must have tried and taken every vital fruit or vegetables beneficial for you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. But have you tried adding tomatoes to your diet. Tomatoes are rich in Viitamin C that a pregnant women needs to keep their babies healthy. It also plays a role in making the bones, teeth and gums healthier. Vitamin C also makes Iron absorption in the body easier. Many women take iron supplements but eating tomatoes during pregnancy has it’s perks that solely supplements won’t provide. Lycopene also plays a role agains by protecting against cell damage. Try to make Lycopene from tomatoes during pregnancy because Lycopene supplements are not  considered safe for pregnant women.

13) Give life to your skin:

Tomatoes are a regular ingredient in numerous DIY face mask or homemade remedies for healthier skin. You can apply tomatoes skin topically. The good thing is that tomatoes have several anti-aging properties, like Vitamin C, that keeps the skin wrinkles free and glowing.

The superstar Lycopene never ceases to amaze us when it comes to enhancing skin health. It is often used in the facial cleanser and because of it’s presence, those cleansers have very high prices. Tomatoes also boost collagens production, a compound that gives the skin elasticity and keeps it young forever. Eating tomatoes will reduce UV-damage and sunburn risk. Peel a tomato and put it on your face, make sure that the tomato touches your face. Leaves it on your face for about 8-10 minutes and see that magic yourself.

14) Makes Liver healthier and happier:

Lycopene in Tomatoes hunts the DNA-damaging agents, thus encouraging liver health. They are also enriched in B-complex Vitamins that tolerate liver health. The liver is capable of regeneration itself if some damage happens to it. Not only tomatoes helps the liver in this regeneration process. But it also assists in detoxification of the liver. The more tomatoes you eat, the lower the risk of liver cancer will be. Tomatoes also protects the liver against inflammation, which happens by eating a high-fat diet. A recent study has revealed that green tomatoes contains tomatine, a toxic Chemical often found in the leaves an stem of tomato plants. This chemical can stop the growth of liver cancer cells.

15)  Boost Vitamin Content:

This may come as a surprise, but tomatoes are not popular for their rich nutritional value. They are loaded with immunity building nutrients like Potassium and Vitamin C. Eating Tomatoes regularly will give a vitamin Boost. This will keep your heart beating while maintaining healthy blood pressure.While pured tomatoes have more Potassium than a whole ne, either is great eating tomatoes everyday meets 40% of your everyday vitamin C and not to mention the amazing health benefits.

16) Has Laxative Qaulities:

Constipation is triggered by severals things. two of the top reasons being inadequate fiber in your diet or change in diet. It has to be one of the most common Gut issues in the world. Constipaion is sign that your body is lacking fiber and water. Tomato is packed with both and adds bulk to the stool which helps relieve consipation. Often defined as a laxatve fruit, tomatoes are 90% water.

17) Manages Blood Pressure:

A fast paced life and environmental toxins takes a toll on everyone. The result is hypertension and high blood pressure managing blood pressure is important to keep the heart in it;s natural rhythem. Other than medication the best way to do this is by eating high and adapting an active lifestyle. Tomatoes are a  great source of Potassium and Chlorogenic acid. While potassium is responsible for widening the Arteris, Chlorogenic acid bring down blood  pressure to normal levels.

18) Enhance Immunity:

Strong immunity means that you have enough power to combat diseases. A diet rich in tomatoes increases white blood cells production and functioning. Fighting against infections and preventing damage caused by free radicals.

19) Boost Brain Power:

Our brain are more prone to the damage caused by oxidative stress than any other parts of the body. Here’s when tomatoes come to help because they have an excellent lycopene concentration, Beta-carotene and other important anti-oxidants. To get the most of this magical vegetables, eat it along with olive oil. It will help the Carotenoids in tomatoes  dissolved in fat and absorbed by the blood readily. Another benefits that tomatoes provide for our brain health is that it protects us from dementia and alzheimers by assisting in Cognitive function and Concentration.

20) May prevent cancer:

Tomatoes packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, they help combat the formation of harmful free radiation. Eating tomato rich food every day prevents the formation of tumors and prostate cancer. They also work  well in combating the risk of cancers like Overian, Pancreatic and Gastric. Tomatoes offers 80% of dietary Lycopene.The caronoids are found to play a vital role in preventing breast cancer among women.

21) Enhanes Digestive health:

Good gut promotes good health. Tomatoes are a good source of insoluble fiber, which helps in the regular and smooth movement of food throughout the digestive system. Fiber are known to give you a feeling of satiety and hence play a role in losing weight. Tomatoes are excellent provider of Chloride too, which is a crucial component of digestive juices. The lycopene helps in protecting against gastric cancer. Also the presence of nti-oxidants in tomatoes protects the stomach lining from inflammation.

22) Supports weight loss:

Weight loss has always been a massive trend, now more than ever. With weight loss products flooding the market, it is normal to get confused. But nothing is better than the natural way to shed a few pounds. Tomato juicce significantly reduces body weight,  body fat and waist size. If that doesn’t make you add tomatoes to the shopping list, get this. Tomatoes lower bad cholesterol which further helps with weight loss. High in anti-oxidants and seriously low in calories, tomato and tomato produtcts are a must have if it is weight loss you want.


Tomatoes are packed with Numerous Vitamins and minerals. They work wonders for your skin, and their nutrients goodness is a blessing in disguise for healthy hair. Rich in Vitamin A,B,C and E which are known as excellent stimulants for healthy hair hairfall. Tomatoes haveVitamin A that stops it. They even help retain the natural shine of the hair while also treating  dandruff and scalp odour.

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